Russia and China are attempting to shake up the international order, National Safety Council spokesman John Kirby stated on Sunday.

China and Russia, Kirby stated on “Fox News Week,” “are two nations that are fighting against this guidelines-primarily based international order that the United States and quite a few of our allies and partners have constructed because the finish of Globe War II.”

He added: “They would like to rewrite the guidelines of the game globally.”

Kirby stated the United States will be watching closely what comes out of the significantly-heralded meetings involving Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin this week in Russia.

“They’ve stepped up cooperation and relations, absolutely lately,” Kirby stated of the two superpowers.

China lately unveiled a 12-point program made to finish the Russia-Ukraine war. Kirby told host Mike Emanuel that the Biden administration remains suspicious of China’s intentions when it comes to this war.

“What we’ve stated ahead of,” Kirby stated, “and we’re going to say it once more these days, that if we come out of this meeting, there is some sort of contact for a ceasefire, nicely, that is just going to be unacceptable simply because it is all going What demands to be completed, Mike, is to ratify the Russian conquest to this day.”

Kirby stated he hoped the Chinese president would retain open “lines of communication” with President Joe Biden and also seek Ukraine’s side of the story by way of talks with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“We hope, and we have currently stated that, that President Xi will contact and speak to President Zelensky, simply because we think that the Chinese really should get the Ukrainian viewpoint right here,” Kirby stated.

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