On Monday morning, Kyiv was hit by a surprise bombardment from Russian armed forces based in Crimea. Several hypersonic ballistic missiles were fired, causing damage in three districts of the city. This was the third attack on Kiev in five days and the fourth large-scale attack on several Ukrainian provinces.

Later in the afternoon, Russia launched ballistic missiles from the Black Sea at Odesa, Kremenchuk, and Kirovograd province. Ukrainian Air Force reported intercepting two rockets but at least five explosions were heard. The speed with which the missiles reached Kiev without anti-aircraft alarms being able to warn of the danger caused panic among citizens.

The use of Zircon missiles, an innovative weapon in Russia’s arsenal, was identified by both Russian and Ukrainian military analysts. Ukraine is facing a severe shortage of anti-aircraft munitions, leading to bursts from anti-aircraft machine guns in an attempt to shoot down the missiles. Ukrainian officials have stressed the need for more air defenses to protect cities and save lives.

Damage was reported in several districts of Kyiv, including the destruction of municipal administration headquarters and Academy of Decorative Arts and Design. At least two large explosions near Palace of Sports were reported in Odessa, resulting in injuries and damage to civilian buildings.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukrainian authorities following which Russian military has intensified its bombing of Ukrainian targets such as power grids and military installations. Ukrainian intelligence services have carried out drone attacks on Russian oil refineries leading to disruptions in fuel production which provoked retaliatory bombing by Russian army on Ukrainian cities and military targets. The conflict continues to escalate with both sides engaging in strategic attacks and counterattacks.

In conclusion, Russia’s recent attacks on Ukrainian cities far from front lines highlight the severity of ongoing conflict between these two neighboring countries

By Samantha Johnson

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