Russian journalist Anna Korobkova has been at the forefront of condemning compatriots who criticize the war in Ukraine since its start in February 2022. According to the BBC, Korobkova has written a staggering 1,397 reports denouncing those who speak out against the conflict, and she takes great pleasure in seeing her fellow Russians face punishment for their views.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, new censorship laws have been introduced, making it illegal to discredit the Russian military. As a result, more than 8,000 cases have been opened against people accused of this offense. Korobkova is one of many journalists who have been targeted by these laws. She mainly reports on people speaking to the media, especially those appearing in international media such as the BBC. One of her primary targets is anthropologist Aleksandra Arkhipov.

Arkhipov claims that Korobkova reported her seven times and considers her actions a mission. She believes that Korobkova’s beliefs have effectively silenced experts and contributed to her being labeled as a foreign agent by the Russian state in May. However, Korobkova remains undeterred and continues to write accusations against her compatriots. She believes that she has a lot of work to do and plans to continue targeting those who speak out against the war.

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