NASCAR Cup Series teams prepare for the Bass Pro Shops night race at Martinsville Speedway, with Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney looking to build on their recent success. However, the penalty for Xfinity Series driver Joey Gass serves as a stark reminder of the importance of track safety.

Gase was fined $5,000 for throwing his bumper at Dawson Cram’s car after a crash caused by Cram. The action violated Section 8.8.8K of the Xfinity Rulebook, which states that any act or omission that poses a threat to the safety of a competitor may result in a safety violation.

NASCAR’s senior vice president of competition, Elton Sawyer, spoke on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio about the incident involving Gase. He expressed understanding of Gase’s frustration as a car owner responsible for repairs but stressed the importance of safety. Walking down the track during the caution period poses serious risks to all involved.

In addition to Gasse’s fine, Xfinity’s crew chiefs were also fined for safety violations. Crew chief of car no. 16, no. No. 19 and No. 26 were fined $5,000 each for not having all five lug nuts on each wheel. These penalties serve as reminders of NASCAR’s commitment to safety and providing a safe racing environment for all competitors.

The incident involving Gase serves as a grim reminder that track safety should always be taken seriously, and that even minor mistakes can have serious consequences for all involved in racing events.

NASCAR is committed to ensuring that its drivers and crew members have access to safe working conditions and equipment while participating in races across its various series divisions.

The penalty imposed on Gass serves as an important lesson not only for him but also for other drivers who may be tempted to take shortcuts when it comes to maintaining their vehicles or following race rules.

As Logano and Blaney look forward to building on their recent success at Martinsville Speedway, they should take note of this incident and ensure that they are following NASCAR’s rules and regulations closely in order to avoid similar penalties in future races.

Overall, track safety is paramount in any form of racing events and must always be given utmost priority in order to prevent accidents like this one from happening again in future races

By Samantha Johnson

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