Samsung Semiconductors CEO Kyung Kie-hyun announced at the recent annual general meeting in Seoul that the company plans to launch its new artificial intelligence chip, Mach-1, early next year. The chip is designed to improve information transfer between the GPU and high-bandwidth memory processors, resulting in increased power and energy efficiency.

To stay ahead of the competition, Samsung has established an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) computer lab to enhance the chip’s capabilities. The lab will work on incorporating algorithms that reduce bottlenecks and improve energy efficiency, ultimately leading to improved processing speed and efficient management of AI tasks.

The Mach-1 chip is expected to serve as an AI accelerator, allowing for faster and more efficient data processing. By reducing power consumption while maintaining high performance levels, Samsung is positioning itself as a leader in the evolving AI landscape.

Samsung also competes with SK Hinik by developing advanced memory technologies such as HBM3E 12 H DRAM. The company aims to regain its position as the leading chip maker in the next two to three years by offering cutting-edge technologies that meet the demands of the evolving AI landscape.

Overall, Samsung’s development of the Mach-1 chip represents a significant step forward in improving AI performance and efficiency. With its innovative features and advanced memory technologies, Samsung is well positioned to lead the way in shaping the future of artificial intelligence.

By Samantha Johnson

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