The United States Senate on Sunday voted overwhelmingly to approve a major foreign aid package, with tens of billions of dollars from the package intended for Ukraine. However, it remains unclear whether the package will be sent to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for further consideration.

Of the total package of 95 billion dollars (about 88 billion euros), approximately 60 billion dollars (about 55.6 billion euros) would go to Ukraine, while the rest would be shared by Israel and Taiwan. The Senate is scheduled to vote on final approval of the package midweek, and passage will require a simple majority, as the initial vote was split 67-27.

Despite Senate approval, the package is unlikely to become law, as the Republican majority in the House of Representatives is unlikely to pass it. House Republican Speaker Mike Johnson has not indicated whether he plans to bring the package up for a vote in the House. In addition, it is important to note that the aid package has not yet passed the Senate, as previously noted.

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