On Sunday, the US Senate took a key step towards approving colossal new aid to Ukraine. However, the awarding of this envelope, eagerly awaited in Kiev, risks encountering a categorical rejection by Trumpist Republicans in the second house of Congress.

This week, the Senate, where Democrats hold a narrow majority, voted 67 to 27 to vote on the text provided by the Joe Biden administration. The draft law specifically provides 60 billion for Ukraine and 14 billion for Israel against Hamas. The package also includes funds for the United States’ strategic ally, Taiwan. The date of the next vote in the upper house is not yet known, but it could be held at the beginning of the week. In the House of Representatives, where Republicans hold a narrow majority, the measure will face fierce opposition from right-wing elected officials.

Two years after the start of the Russian invasion, elected officials of the United States, Ukraine’s main military supporter, cannot agree on validating the new funds. Democrats are overwhelmingly in favor while Republicans are split between interventionist hawks and pro-Ukraine elected officials and those who support Donald Trump’s isolationist policies.

On Sunday, eighteen Republican elected officials nevertheless supported

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