Senator Markey has expressed concern about the financial stability of Steward Health Care in Massachusetts, which is selling its physician group to Optum Care. The company, which operates nine healthcare facilities in Massachusetts, has been facing financial instability due to accumulated debt. The previous owner of Steward, Cerberus Capital Management, made $800 million in profits from the company.

Markey believes that a departure from Steward’s financial insecurity is crucial for the Massachusetts health care system. He hopes that Optum Care will prioritize cost control and prioritizing patients and providers. Markey also criticized the healthcare system for focusing more on profits than patient outcomes, and he believes that healthcare reform is necessary to solve these issues.

As chairman of the Senate HELP Subcommittee on Primary Health Care and Retirement Security, Markey invited Steward CEO Dr. Ralph de la Torre to testify at a congressional hearing in Boston on April 3. For more information about this topic, contact the writer at

By Samantha Johnson

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