The ongoing struggle for healthcare workers to receive fair compensation and benefits is being highlighted by a two-day strike at Seton Medical Center. The employees are demanding a better health care plan that adequately meets their needs. Seton Medical Center’s workers believe the current plan does not provide sufficient coverage and benefits. By striking, they draw attention to the importance of comprehensive healthcare and the need for better resources for healthcare workers.

CBS San Francisco’s Kelsey Thorud reported on the strike, providing updates on the situation. The strike is part of a larger movement within the healthcare industry to ensure that workers get the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. Healthcare professionals are committed to providing quality patient care while also advocating for their own good.

The Seton Medical Center strike is just one example of how healthcare workers are fighting for better healthcare benefits. Viewers can stay informed on this developing story by following CBS San Francisco on their website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

By Samantha Johnson

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