The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, has called on Kuwaitis to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections. In a televised speech, Sheikh Mishal emphasized the importance of voting and fulfilling one’s constitutional right to choose representatives. He urged against boycotting the elections and stressed the responsibility of citizens to elect councils with enlightened thinkers.

Sheikh Meshaal also encouraged a civil and respectful election process, urging candidates to speak in a manner that pleases God and refrain from insulting others. He reminded voters of the importance of voting wisely for the future of the country and future generations, prioritizing national interests over personal agendas.

The Emir also addressed concerns about Kuwaiti nationality, stressing the need to preserve its identity and combat counterfeiting efforts. He warned against division and strife, calling for unity in protecting Kuwait and its people.

As preparations for the elections continue, schools will serve as voting centers during election day, ensuring a smooth and transparent process. Officials have allocated resources to accommodate voters and ensure a fair outcome.

In conclusion, Sheikh Meshal’s message underscores the importance of civic engagement in shaping Kuwait’s future through informed choices in upcoming parliamentary elections. It is a call to action for all citizens to exercise their democratic rights and fulfill their civic duties for the betterment of Kuwait as a whole.

By Samantha Johnson

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