Electric and hybrid cars pose a greater risk to pedestrians than gasoline and diesel vehicles, particularly in urban areas, according to a UK road crash study. This is because electric vehicles are much quieter than traditional cars, making it harder for pedestrians to hear them. Additionally, electric car drivers tend to be younger and less experienced, which increases the potential risks to pedestrians.

Phil Edwards, first author of the study and professor of epidemiology and statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, emphasized the danger electric cars pose to pedestrians due to their silent nature. He suggested that the government must take steps to address these risks if it is successful in phasing out the sale of petrol and diesel cars.

Drivers switching to electric cars must be aware that they are a new type of vehicle that is much quieter than traditional cars. Pedestrians are accustomed to hearing traffic when crossing the street, so drivers of electric vehicles must be especially careful. Road traffic accidents are a significant cause of death among children and young people in the UK, with pedestrians accounting for a significant proportion of these deaths.

The study by Edwards and his team analyzed crash risk in the UK over a five-year period from 2013 to 2017, involving over 900,000 casualties, including more than 120,000 pedestrians. The analysis found that electric and hybrid vehicles have a higher rate of pedestrian accidents per 100 million miles compared to gasoline and diesel vehicles. Most of these accidents occurred in urban centers, where the presence of electric cars poses a significant risk to pedestrians.

In addition to being quieter than traditional cars, electric vehicles also tend to accelerate quickly and weigh more, resulting in longer stopping distances. If the government plans to promote the transition to electric cars, steps must be taken to address these challenges to ensure pedestrian safety. Edwards concluded that urgent action is needed

By Samantha Johnson

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