Sira Health, an Indiana-based health technology company, has recently secured a third contract in Virginia to support Fairfax County’s healthcare workforce. Under the contract, Sira will provide licensed nurses to provide 24-hour nursing and assist the county in filling other temporary health care positions. The contract is set to expire on June 30, 2028, with the possibility of an extension for an additional two years.

Sira Health’s commitment to improving healthcare goes beyond traditional models, as they aim to contribute to Fairfax County’s commitment to providing quality healthcare to its community. The company offers a variety of workforce management services such as recruiting, evaluation, talent processing, apprenticeships, communication tools, performance analytics, compliance monitoring, training, certifications and career coaching. This is the third agreement Sira Health has entered into in the state of Virginia. Previously, the company signed contracts with the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Corrections to supply temporary medical staff and with the state Department of General Services to provide medical staff throughout the state.

In addition to its workforce management services, Sira Health also collaborates with public health departments for population health analysis. The company has signed contracts with the city of San Antonio and the state of Indiana to evaluate and implement public health initiatives aimed at reducing health disparities and improving public health and behavioral health infrastructure. With its expertise in workforce management and population health analysis, Sira Health is well positioned to continue making a positive impact on healthcare in Virginia and beyond.

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