The Marquette County Wellness Division (MCHD) was lately notified that two hawks in Marquette County, Michigan tested optimistic for West Nile Virus (WNV). This getting suggests that nearby mosquitoes in Marquette district, as nicely as across UP, transmit the virus. In light of this details, residents are strongly advised to take precautions to shield themselves from mosquito bites and lower the threat of contracting VNV.

Symptoms of VNV typically seem involving 3 and 15 days following getting bitten by an infected mosquito. These symptoms can involve fever, headache, physique aches, and from time to time a skin rash or swollen glands. In serious situations, the virus can lead to encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain and can be fatal or trigger permanent harm. MCHD recommends that any one experiencing these symptoms must make contact with their medical professional.

To keep healthier and lower the threat of mosquito bites, residents are encouraged to take the following preventive measures:

1. Apply insect repellents containing DEET, or one more EPA-authorized item, to exposed skin or clothes. It is significant to constantly stick to the manufacturer’s directions when employing these goods.
two. Put on lengthy-sleeved shirts and lengthy pants when spending time outdoors, and apply insect repellent to your clothes to additional stop bites.
three. Hold window and door curtains correctly installed to preserve mosquitoes out of the home.
four. Take away all standing water from possible mosquito breeding internet sites about the house. This incorporates empty bins, unused kiddie pools, old tires and equivalent locations exactly where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.
five. Think about employing nets and/or fans to make a mosquito barrier in outside dining locations.

It is significant to note that the threat of mosquito-borne ailments remains till late fall, when nighttime temperatures regularly drop under freezing. For extra detailed details about mosquito-borne ailments, residents can stop by

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