Skyrise One, a helicopter that promises to revolutionize safety and simplicity in aviation, was recently unveiled by Los Angeles-based Skyrise. The unique aircraft is set to address in-flight safety concerns and enhance the experience for both pilots and passengers through a series of technological advancements.

At the heart of Skyrise One is SkyOS, an operating system developed independently of the aircraft with a significant investment of nearly $300 million. SkyOS simplifies flight operations with one joystick and two touch screens, reducing pilot workload and improving safety. The intuitive touchscreen controls make complex maneuvers like takeoff and landing easier, while hover assist and dynamic envelope protection ensure a safer and more comfortable flight experience.

Skyrise engineers have redesigned the cockpit layout to improve stability and reduce the risk of accidents in flight. The fly-by-wire system eliminates potential points of failure, resulting in semi-automatic control that enhances safety.

Skyrise One is now available for pre-order, offering customization options to meet individual needs. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in July at a starting price of $1.8 million. Through these innovations, Skyrise aims to set new standards in safety and simplicity in aviation, leading the way to a safer future in air transport.

By Samantha Johnson

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