The Popcorn Shoppe, located in Metro Center, is a small business that has been struggling during the winter season. Owners Matt George and Niki Duckworth explained that the slow sales have resulted in financial difficulties, including an inability to pay employees, afford rent or purchase inventory.

In response to their struggles, the company turned to social media to share their story and call for support from the community. The post received an overwhelming response, with over 500 reactions and 2,000 shares. Local businesses like Big Mike’s Donuts & Coffee offered their support as well.

Despite the challenges, The Popcorn Shoppe continues to offer a variety of gourmet popcorn flavors, lemon shakes, frozen candies and other treats. They invite customers to take advantage of their specials and collaborate on fundraising events.

After receiving overwhelming support from the community, The Popcorn Shoppe provided an update, expressing their gratitude for the outpouring of support while stressing the ongoing need for continued assistance to stabilize their business.

The company’s call for help did not go unheard, and their story resonated in the local community, showing the power of small businesses coming together to overcome challenges and succeed.

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