A recent settlement between Mastercard and Visa could provide small businesses with a much-needed break from high credit card fees. The $30 billion settlement, which resulted from an antitrust lawsuit dating back to 2005, means that small businesses will pay lower fees whenever a customer makes a credit card payment. This news is welcomed by many small business owners, who already face numerous challenges in today’s economy.

One such business owner, Ashley Ryan, who owns Stash Apparel and Gifts on Brookside, explains that most of her customers pay with credit cards due to the prevalence of digital transactions. Currently, small businesses like hers pay about 3 to 4 percent in fees for each credit card transaction, which can add up significantly over time. The potential reduction in fees as a result of this settlement could positively impact its bottom line.

Ryan discusses how credit card transactions have become the norm in today’s society, with customers preferring the benefits and rewards associated with using a card. However, she also points out that these transactions come at a cost to businesses, as they are charged higher fees for customers who earn rewards or points on credit card purchases. Any savings in fees for small businesses like her is seen as a valuable chance to cut costs and stay competitive.

While the settlement still needs approval from a federal judge, it puts a cap on fees companies pay to credit card companies until 2030. At that point, the two sides will have to renegotiate terms. This potential savings measure offers hope to small business owners like Ashley Ryan, who are constantly looking for ways to manage costs in an increasingly challenging economic environment.

By Samantha Johnson

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