Members of Rhode Island’s congressional delegation have called on the federal Small Business Administration to increase its efforts to help the state. In a letter sent to the SBA, they pointed out that only 10% of credit requests have been approved so far. They also requested an update on the status of outstanding loan applications and inquired about the expected approval timeline.

During a meeting at Smith Hill, members of the Small Business Representative Committee heard testimony from affected business owners. Bob Burke, owner of Providence’s popular French restaurant Pot au Feu, reported a significant drop in sales ranging from 30% to 50% on what used to be busy Friday nights. He attributed this decline to customers’ reluctance to sit in traffic to dine out.

As a result of declining sales, Burke had to reduce his employees’ hours. He gave an example of a server who lives in Coventry and spends two hours commuting to Providence on Fridays due to unpredictable traffic conditions. These challenges have had a direct impact on restaurant operations and highlight the need for improved infrastructure and transportation solutions in this area.

In addition, Washington Bridge was also a key topic discussed at Smith Hill, where members of the Small Business Representative Committee heard testimony from affected business owners. The bridge has had significant issues with traffic congestion and delays, making it difficult for many businesses located near it to operate efficiently.

Overall, Rhode Island’s congressional delegation is calling for more support from the federal Small Business Administration as they seek ways to address these challenges faced by their constituents.

By Samantha Johnson

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