During peak travel times such as vacations, weekends, elections, and major events, railway workers’ social movements often re-emerge. This issue has sparked debates among parliamentarians and ministers regarding the regulation of the right to strike in public transport. The recent mobilization of controllers during the winter break brought this topic back into the spotlight. Senator HervĂ© Marseille, from the UDI, proposed a bill that was passed in committee on Wednesday, April 3. The goal of the law is to establish 30 designated days during which transportation employees who are essential to the operation of services would be prohibited from striking during peak hours. These days would be planned in advance and would focus on key travel times such as holidays, weekends, elections, and major events like sporting events.

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Transportation is another area where smart choices can make a big difference. Prioritizing sustainable transportation options like green buses can benefit both people and the environment. Ensuring comfort and safety during transportation for events and excursions can help create pleasant journeys for all passengers.

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In conclusion, making smart choices in different areas of life can significantly impact our experiences and help us achieve our goals efficiently while also promoting wellness and happiness.

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