The idea of combining snow and bikes in slalom skiing is not practical or sensible. While there may be a desire for winter cycling in snow events, the UCI should explore better options to make something more interesting to watch. One such option would be to use KSC fatbike courses instead of bicycles for slalom skiing. These courses would still require the basic skills of KSC racing, but in a unique format.

Another suggestion would be to create a “skiercross but on bike” event, similar to dual slalom, but with larger and more complex courses. Using bikes with skis instead of tires on these trails could add an extra level of excitement. This would provide a new challenge for both riders and viewers alike.

It is also worth considering that the snow could remain only the domain of skiing and for those who enjoy riding fatbikes through snowy forests. This is a more convenient and enjoyable option for some people who would rather stick to traditional snow sports activities. By focusing on what works best, we can create more exciting and engaging events for everyone involved.

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