This Thursday, November 23, the thirteenth edition of the ABC Salud Awards will be presented at the Casa de ABC. The honorees for this year’s awards include microbiologist Francis J. Mojica, a scientist who played a key role in the development of genetic editing that is transforming medicine. Additionally, there have been advancements in mental health, fetal surgery, and patient data and clinical history management.

The jury for this year’s awards was exceptional and was presided over by former Minister of Health Ana Pastor. The jury consisted of several individuals involved in the healthcare sector including the director of the National Organization for Transplantation (ONT), the director of the Carlos III Health Institute, and many others.

The 2023 winners include various projects and initiatives that have made significant contributions to healthcare. These include a clinical history project in private healthcare, a pediatric transplant project, a mental health awareness campaign, a hospital in Seville that helps babies with malformations, an oncology unit for hyper-wound diagnostics and prevention, and a foundation dedicated to improving the health conditions of vulnerable populations.

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