Are you still feeling the excitement of the Super Bowl? If so, you’re not alone. The biggest show on earth is now a must-see for millions around the world, with a little bit of American football thrown in between the commercials.

One thing that makes the Super Bowl so special is its ability to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, there’s something about the game that captures everyone’s attention. In fact, it could serve as a rough model for other popular sports in other countries. Take Germany, for example. While only football would ever be an option there, what would happen if the championship was decided in one game and the Hoffenheim-Heidenheim banter before it was a tighter one-game plan fell victim?

If we were to hold a Bundesliga Bowl 1 in Wolfsburg, fresh from the desert of Lower Saxony, Germany’s answer to Las Vegas, it would be sure to be an unforgettable event. Taylor Swift could make her way from her concert in Munich to Hannover via private jet on the day of the match and then take an ICE via Berlin to VOB. Herbert Grenmeyer could sing the national anthem before the game, although he probably wouldn’t do such a thing. So more like Howard Carpendale.

Commercial breaks in Germany would be even funnier than in America, with spectators throwing yellow tennis balls onto the grass to bridge the gap between commercials. And who knows what other surprises awaited during those breaks?

One thing is for sure – American football may not have quite caught on in Germany yet, but it certainly has potential. Hertha Sporting Director Benjamin Weber said “Pal Dardai is a very central figure for Berlin Road” and Anna von Bötticher added “When it comes down to it, I save my fear for later.” But let’s leave this where it belongs – namely between commercials – and see if Bayer and Bayern can meet in their final match this season while Tuchel’s tactics fail just once…or not! It was still funny even during Super Bowl 58!

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