Despite the fact that spring has already arrived, winter’s grip on the European Alps remains strong. This presents a challenge for late-season competitions in the region, including the Livigno 2024 FIS Park and Pipe World Junior Championships for Slopestyle and Big Air. The competition faced difficult weather conditions throughout the week, culminating in the cancellation of the grand aerial final on Saturday due to safety concerns.

Although the Grand Air Final had to be cancelled, results were still awarded in most events that were part of the Livigna 2024 FIS Park & Pipe Junior World Championships. The slopestyle finals were held as scheduled on Wednesday, while the snowboard grand podiums were determined based on qualifying results leading up to the canceled finals on Saturday. The women’s big air freestyle final was able to go ahead in full, but unfortunately the men’s big air freestyle competition had to be canceled altogether due to weather conditions.

In the snowboarding events, Czech Republic’s Laura Zaveska secured gold in slopestyle, while Japan’s Yura Murase won silver and USA’s Rebecca Flynn won bronze. In the men’s slopestyle competition, Brooklyn Depriest of the USA won gold, followed by Romain Allemand of France with silver and Rocco Jamieson of New Zealand who secured the bronze medal. Despite

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