On Tuesday, the government will sign resolutions that will lead to a significant increase in natural gas rates across the network starting April 1st. The increase in bills is expected to occur at least three times next month, with one additional spike between May and September. Officials have yet to clarify the exact impact of this resolution on customers, but it is understood that some households could see a near tripling of gas prices starting in April.

The official definition of the rate increase was delayed by two months. The Energy Ministry and the National Gas Regulatory Authority (Enargas) were originally planning to implement increases in February, but Economy Minister Luis Caputo decided to wait in an effort to anchor inflation at lower levels. However, due to the fiscal situation and the overall context of the energy sector, Caputo was forced to make the decision sooner.

Energy Resolution 41/2024 establishes new wholesale gas prices at the point of entry into the transport system (PIST), which are a crucial part of this law along with transport, distribution, and tax margins. Officials have yet to provide further information on how this resolution will affect customers differently based on their location or consumption patterns.

Overall, gas prices are expected to rise significantly for all customers between May and September. Some households may pay over four times their current rate depending on their location or consumption patterns. The new rates are part of a broader effort by the government to reduce energy subsidies and bring them more closely aligned with actual costs of supply.

Despite concerns about its potential impact on low-income households, officials argue that these new rates are necessary for addressing financial challenges within the energy sector. They believe that reducing subsidies will ultimately help make energy more affordable for everyone in the long run.

By Samantha Johnson

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