Recently, State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman issued a warning about a concerning trend where lawyers are approaching wounded service members in hospital rooms and convincing them to sign representation contracts on the spot. This is done with the intention of obtaining rights from the Ministry of Defense. Engelman expressed concern that these wounded individuals are being persuaded to sign agreements without fully understanding whether representation is truly necessary.

It is important to note that wounded military personnel receive all necessary services free of charge during hospitalization and the first four months of rehabilitation after hospitalization. The Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Defense emphasizes this point, stating that individual individuals can only request representation on medical commissions after this period has elapsed.

The law imposes strict limits on the fees that lawyers can receive for representing patients during medical examinations at the Insurance Institute. However, such restrictions do not exist for medical examinations in the Ministry of Defense. The Bar Association has expressed its intention to take action against lawyers who actively approach wounded service members with offers of their services, especially if they do so in a hospital setting.

Engelman called upon the Rehabilitation Department to take action and ensure that wounded soldiers are fully informed about their rights before signing any contracts. He also urged caution among hospitals and healthcare providers to be vigilant and protect vulnerable individuals from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous lawyers.

It is crucial that soldiers who have been injured in service receive all necessary support and resources during their recovery process. This includes access to legal representation if needed, but only when it is appropriate and in their best interests.

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