Klaus F. (59, name changed), a VV manager, felt vulnerable when he had to attend court to seek justice in the red light trial at the Hanover Regional Court. He was a witness and had to answer personal questions about his relationships with prostitutes who were accused of defrauding him of around 154,000 euros. He described the young girls as “great actresses” and saw himself as a caring “sugar daddy” but felt taken advantage of.

Klaus F. had several young friends who allegedly cheated him and emptied his pockets. He formed relationships with three other teenage “friends,” all of whom had financial problems that Klaus F. easily solved. The girls told him that brutal rockers and an Arab clan were forcing them to buy brothels and that they needed 20,000 euros each for protection. Klaus F. believed he was helping these girls by giving them money, thinking it was a loan. However, after the transfer of money, relations with the girls cooled down, and meetings became less frequent. It was only later that Klaus F discovered he had been scammed and went to the police in an attempt to get his money back.

The accused pimp Jasam K. (33), a German-Iraqi from Stadthagen (Lower Saxony), was revealed to be the organizer of the fraud scheme later on in the trial process. He admitted that he was behind the fraud and exploited the girls into prostitution, leading Klaus F.’s case against him to continue on February 15th.

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