The NFL’s playoff overtime rules are not well known, and this includes the player who scored the game-ending touchdown in overtime of Super Bowl LVIII. Chiefs wide receiver McCall Hardman, who caught Patrick Mahomes’ pass for the game-winning touchdown in overtime, didn’t realize the Chiefs had won the game. Mahomes revealed on NFL Network after the game that he had to tell Hardman in the end zone that they had just won.

In an interview with ESPN, Hardman shared his experience of that moment, saying that he was completely stunned when Mahomes threw him a touchdown to end the game. He said that he had no idea they had won and was not celebrating at first. However, it was only when Mahomes ran up to him and told him that they had just won that Hardman realized what had happened.

The new playoff overtime rules have certainly brought about some excitement to football fans across the world. Under these rules, both teams have possession even if the team receiving the kickoff scores a touchdown. This means that games can go on for much longer than before, and players need to be prepared for anything when it comes to overtime periods.

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