The Kansas City Chiefs clinched their second straight Super Bowl victory on Sunday night, thanks to McCall Hardman’s overtime touchdown catch. Despite the telecast being called by Jim Nantz and Tony Romo for CBS, it was Kevin Harlan who provided his own epic call via his radio show.

Harlan, who began his football career as the voice of the Chiefs, was the play-by-play announcer on Westwood One Sports Radio’s Super Bowl show on Sunday. After San Francisco 49ers scored first to begin overtime in the 2024 Super Bowl, Harlan was on the call for the Chiefs’ next drive, including the Super Bowl-winning touchdown pass to Hardman.

“It’s caught! Hardman caught the ball! The bosses have won! The bosses have won!” Harlan exclaimed on the call.

Travis Kelce played a pivotal role in bringing Super Bowl drama to life once again. He brought home another championship for the team with his heroics in overtime.

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