This week, the Planet Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) created history by signing a 5-year partnership agreement with the Sword Group. This agreement marks Sword as VADA’s initial worldwide companion and their exclusive worldwide IT companion. As element of the agreement, Sword will present direct funding annually for 5 years, and in return, VADA will delegate element of its IT activities to Sword.

A single of the crucial responsibilities delegated to Sword is the improvement of WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration Management Method (ADAMS), operations and mobile applications such as the Athlete Center and Central Doping Manage Officer (DCO). Sword’s knowledge and encounter in technologies transformation will significantly advantage VADA by enhancing its IT options and solutions for stakeholders. The partnership is anticipated to lead to a 25% capacity improve for ADAMS.

WADA President Witold Banka expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that it is a important moment for WADA and a good improvement for clean sport worldwide. The aim of the partnership is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of anti-doping efforts, make life a lot easier for athletes and enhance the perform of the anti-doping neighborhood.

Sword’s President and CEO, Jacques Mottard, emphasized the agreement’s alignment with Sword’s Environmental, Social and Governance Project. He expressed self-assurance in the accomplishment of the partnership, emphasizing the trust and mutual respect of the two organizations.

This partnership is the outcome of WADA’s commitment to present private funding to supplement its annual price range received from the Sports Movement and governments about the planet. WADA aims to attract other organizations prepared to invest in the integrity of sport, with the aim of strengthening the anti-doping method and advertising well being and equity about the planet.

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