The Tax Administration kicked off its Revenue 2023 campaign with a surge of tax returns filed by taxpayers. By 10 am, the organization had already received over half a million documents, an average of 1,450 statements per minute, which is an increase of 11 percent compared to the previous year. At a press conference announcing the campaign, Soledad Fernandez, president of the agency, highlighted that people want their refunds processed quickly and therefore need to file their returns as early as possible.

Fernandez also revealed that the agency will be issuing notices related to various activities such as online gaming, virtual currencies, leases in other countries and real estate. There will be 164,000 notices for online gaming profits, almost three times more than last year. For virtual currencies, there will be 948,000 notifications and for leases in other countries and real estate there will be 895,000 and 866,000 respectively.

The agency is launching a special assistance plan for individuals over 65 living in small municipalities to help them file their 2023 tax returns in May. This initiative aims to provide support to elderly taxpayers in smaller communities across different provinces.

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