The suspension of the messaging platform Telegram in Spain has sparked an uproar among its more than eight million users, with Judge Santiago Pedraz requesting a report from the General Information Commissioner to explain the exact characteristics of the app and its impact on users. The ruling was issued by the National Court in response to requests from Mediaset, Atresmedia and Movistar Plus, who condemned the app for sharing copyrighted content on some of its channels. However, operators have not received any notification yet about the suspension, as they are still waiting for instructions from EL PAIS.

Telegram is an instant messaging application launched in 2013 by Russian-born businessman Pavel Durov. It has stood out for its users’ freedom and privacy, refusing to share information with authorities as Meta does. This has made it a popular communication channel for dissidents in authoritarian regimes such as Russia or Iran, where it was used to organize protests. However, it has also given rise to channels of sensitive content, protected by anonymity: drug sales, far-right activities, disinformation, violent content, child pornography or terrorism. In fact, just this Friday evening’s attack on Moscow was claimed by ISIS through their Telegram channel.

The technical difficulty for operators to block an application of this magnitude was extraordinary and other countries have failed in their attempts to restrict a platform like Telegram due to much content linked to dissident activities in non-democratic or outright illegal or illegal countries. It remains uncertain when the suspension will take effect and what new deadlines are expected from this report from the Office of the Commissioner for General Information.

By Samantha Johnson

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