Tennessee has recently passed a law that requires all high schools to have emergency cardiac arrest devices on hand. This legislation was praised by Gov. Bill Lee and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during a visit to the Pearl-Conn High School football field. The new law mandates that automated external defibrillators be placed within 1,000 feet of any high school athletic activity in the state and schools must also maintain a sports emergency plan for serious medical events.

This move is in line with an NFL initiative aimed at preventing deaths from sudden cardiac arrest among high school athletes. Tennessee is now one of 14 states to adopt all three policies recommended by the Smart Heart Sports Coalition, which include available AEDs for all high school athletic events and practices, emergency action plans that are rehearsed annually, and CPR and AED training for coaches.

The law allows the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development to keep some previously public records secret if they are deemed “sensitive” to protect ongoing negotiations for major events such as the Super Bowl. Despite pushback from open government advocates, the bill was passed. Governor Lee mentioned that he has not officially offered the Super Bowl to Goodell or the NFL, but expressed his willingness to work together to make it happen. He emphasized the uniqueness of the city and the state, as well as the importance of Titan in the community. Governor Lee hopes that by building a new stadium, Tennessee will have the opportunity to host the Super Bowl and is pushing for it

By Samantha Johnson

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