Children’s coaches in younger categories play a crucial role in their development, not only by imparting knowledge but also by teaching them fair play and sports values. However, some coaches and parents fail to behave within common sense limits, which can harm children’s development.

A recent example of this occurred during the basketball derby between Metalac and Radnicki cadets in the Interregional Basketball League. In the first quarter, due to unpleasant scenes involving players, parents, and coaches, the game was interrupted. The coaches of both teams quarreled and insulted each other, leading to their expulsion from the game. This caused nervousness and disorder among the players, with some even getting into fights. One player suffered a minor concussion after being hit in the head.

The chaos did not end there as the children’s parents joined in and some even fought. The match was eventually abandoned, and the police had to launch an investigation. Both clubs now face heavy fines for their roles in the embarrassing scenes that took place during the match. Such behavior sets a bad example for children and has serious consequences for the clubs involved.

In conclusion, it is important for coaches and parents to understand their responsibilities when it comes to children’s development. They must always behave within common sense limits to avoid causing harm to children’s growth and well-being.

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