In Moscow, a terrorist attack claimed by the extremist group ISIS resulted in the death of 137 people and injury of more than 180 others. On Friday night, a group of gunmen opened fire on Crocus City Hall before a concert, killing four and injuring many more. The suspects fled the scene but were arrested on Saturday morning by Russia’s FSB security service. It was reported that four of the eleven suspects are suspected of taking part in the concert hall attack themselves.

The four terrorism suspects are said to be citizens of Tajikistan, and their country’s president, Emomali Rahman, condemned the attacks on Sunday. Shortly after the act, ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the attack. The suspects were brought to the headquarters of the Investigative Committee in Moscow on Sunday. The exact locations of their arrest varied from Tepli, which is located next to the Belarusian border to Hatsun, near Bryansk about 100 kilometers from Ukraine and Belarus border. There are over 400 kilometers from Moscow to the place where they were arrested.

Russia claimed that perpetrators fled to Ukraine after the attack. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova hinted that Western countries may be invoking ISIS as an excuse for their “protective roads” in Kiev. Footage of the arrest and interrogation began circulating on social media showing alleged torture of suspects by Russian authorities. Members of Russian Social Chamber and Vladimir Rogov, representative of Russian occupation administration in Ukraine published a video of interrogation situation on their Telegram channel on Saturday. The suspects will be detained for at least two months while Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on terrorism investigation and allegations of torture involving ISIS in this attack.

In addition to this incident, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that several attempted attacks by Islamic State had been thwarted in France recently.

By Samantha Johnson

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