Tesla’s stock price plummeted on Wall Street after the company revealed it had delivered fewer vehicles in the first quarter than expected. The electric car manufacturer reported deliveries of 386,810 vehicles, which was below the 457,000 that analysts had predicted. Production also fell by 8.5% to 433,371 cars during the quarter due to several reasons such as production challenges for the new Model 3 at the Fremont, California plant, supply disruptions due to the Red Sea conflict and a sabotage incident at its German plant.

The first quarter was described as “disastrous” by Wedbush analysts who pointed out that it negatively shocked the market. Tesla faced significant challenges in this quarter, including price cuts in the US to deal with inflation and rising interest rates. Despite these efforts to make its vehicles more affordable, Tesla announced a $1,000 price hike on the Model I starting April 1.

The challenges faced by Tesla in the first quarter raised concerns among investors and analysts about its performance and market appeal moving forward. Moving forward, Tesla will need to address these issues and regain investor confidence to ensure sustainable growth going forward.

By Samantha Johnson

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