Thailand’s former deputy police chief Surachata Hakparn, also known as The Big Joke, has been released on bail after being implicated in money laundering for an online betting network. He posted bail of 100,000 baht (about $2,700) and spent two hours answering police questions at a Bangkok police station before being released.

Surahat maintains his innocence and stated that the case is still in the prosecution stage, stressing that he is innocent until proven guilty in court. The former deputy director of the Thai police had previously ignored three police calls in March before a court issued an arrest warrant for him.

The charges against Surachate stem from his suspected involvement in a money laundering operation for an online betting site. He was named by the Central Bureau of Investigation as one of five policemen suspected of involvement in the operation, which was dismantled last year.

The case comes amid a power struggle within the Thai police force, as Surahat applied to be appointed police director. His removal, along with another senior officer, was ordered by the prime minister to protect ongoing investigations. Surahat was previously embroiled in controversy in 2019 when he was removed from the force without explanation.

Despite these legal issues, it is important to note that the charges against Surahat are unrelated to the high-profile premeditated murder investigation involving the Spaniard and the Colombian. The case has attracted significant media attention, and Surachate has previously been the subject of investigations and provided updates to the public.

As for now, it remains to be seen how this will affect Surachata’s career prospects within law enforcement or if he will face any other consequences due to this incident.

By Samantha Johnson

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