The popularity of street sledding in Norway has been on the decline, but one man wanted to find a way to bring it back into the modern era. Justin, also known as Garage Avenger, had an idea to equip sleds with electric turbines that could quickly push passengers around the ice. He noticed that many old sleds were being left unused and decided to give them a second life by replacing their fuel-burning jet engines with electric motors.

Justin began by renovating an antique sled, removing rust from the runners and refinishing the wood. He then added 3D printed turbine covers, an upgraded handlebar with a throttle thumb, and a large battery with an Arduino to power the electric motors. The resulting sled was powerful enough to take passengers at speeds of 20-30 km/h depending on weight and size. It was equipped with a brake built on an old skate for emergency stopping and quickly became popular among skaters at the lake.

The success of Justin’s project inspired others to take up street sledding again and look for new ways to spruce up their old sleds. Some even added suspension systems for rocketing down unplowed roads, creating a thrilling new pastime that appealed to both kids and adults alike. Overall, Justin’s innovative approach helped revitalize street sledding in Norway and paved the way for future generations of this beloved winter activity.

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