In her recent Life & Arts article on October 21, Tom Harford discusses the negative effects of allowing “greedy” jobs on women’s earnings. While these high-paying jobs may seem like a good opportunity, they can still limit women’s career growth, even if they work part-time. This issue affects women at all levels of their careers and can have long-term consequences throughout their lives.

Harford highlights the negative impact of being labeled as a part-time worker, which can undermine women’s qualifications and competencies and limit their career opportunities. Despite the fact that women now outscore men in education in many OECD countries, this irrational barrier continues to hinder their performance and progress in the workforce.

Therefore, it is crucial to address not only the issue of “greedy” jobs but also the broader impact of part-time work on women’s careers. It is time for change to create more equitable opportunities for women in the workforce and ensure that they are given the same recognition and rewards as their full-time counterparts.

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