Bengals wide receiver Ty Higgins is facing a crucial decision in March as he is set to become a free agent. However, the team has options to keep him, including signing him to a long-term contract or using the franchise tag to extend negotiations until mid-July. If no deal is reached, Higgins has the option to sit or play with a guaranteed salary of $20.7 million in 2024.

According to, the Bengals are expected to use the franchise tag on Higgins. With limited cap space available in 2024, they have opted for this route to buy time and negotiate a multi-year contract that better suits their needs. This decision comes as Joe Burrow’s cap number remains relatively low before increasing significantly in 2025. Despite this, the overall structure of the wide receiver market could benefit Higgins while he waits for the market to reset.

As March 5 approaches and tags are set to be issued, it will become clear what the Bengals’ plans are for Higgins. They have the ability to keep him from hitting the open market and look set to take advantage of that opportunity.

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