The collapse of a bridge in Baltimore following a collision with a container ship has sparked conspiracy theories, despite authorities stating there was no evidence of criminal activity. The vessel, flagged by Singapore, was the cause of the collapse that resulted in six workers being presumed dead.

Social media platforms were abuzz with various theories implicating different groups and individuals as potential perpetrators, ranging from terrorists to foreign agents. Influencers such as Andrew Tate and Alex Jones have also contributed to speculation by suggesting cyber attacks and deliberate actions as the cause of the collapse.

While investigations continue to determine the exact cause of the collapse, Singapore’s port authorities have stated that it was due to an immediate loss of propulsion on the vessel. Despite officials denying any link to terrorism, rumors persist that connect the incident with various conflicts and plots.

Some social media users suggested links to the Gaza conflict, while others questioned motives behind certain companies or initiatives. Despite officials’ assurances that there is no evidence of foul play, conspiracy theories continue to circulate among those who view it as a distraction from other events.

By Samantha Johnson

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