A recent report by the Association of Social Workers has shed light on the growing problem of alcohol and drug addiction among IS soldiers who have been wounded in combat. The behavior of child soldiers conscripted into the reserve is also deteriorating, according to the report, which was published by Davar1 on Monday, February 12.

The study found that 58% of social workers reported worsening alcohol and drug use among wounded military personnel (both active and reservists), 64% reported parenting difficulties, and 59% reported worsening child behavior in the families of those drafted. In addition to these issues, 19.11% of social workers reported abuse of alcohol and drugs among survivors of military injuries and their closest relatives (family members and friends), as well as a worsening situation with alcohol and drugs after “Black Saturday” on October 7.

Psychological and psychiatric problems were also common in the victims’ families, with 68.52% reporting psychological problems and 66.56% reporting worsening psychological problems. Educational difficulties were also reported by 21.76% of social workers, with many stating that their clients who were injured while on duty have difficulties exercising social rights, experiencing economic difficulties, or having problems with employment.

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