In this episode of The New Abnormal, scientist and vaccine specialist Dr. Peter Hotez discusses the risky variety of anti-vaccine rhetoric adopted by today’s proper-wing conservatives. He addresses study that suggests vaccine hesitancy, fueled by far-proper conspiracies, has contributed to the exclusive trajectory of U.S. deaths from COVID-19 in current years. Dr. Hotez emphasizes the value of addressing this concern, as it has resulted in the deaths of a considerable quantity of Americans. He estimates that up to 200,000 Americans have been killed in the course of the Delta and BA.1 Omicron waves since folks refused vaccines right after becoming influenced by elected officials, far-proper media personalities, and conspiracy theories.

In addition to Dr. Hotez’s insights, labor reporter and author Kim Kelly joins the system to talk about the ongoing United Auto Workers strike and other labor news. The episode also offers evaluation of Kristen Welker’s “Meet the Press” debut, like her interview with former President Donald Trump.

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