The rise in women’s sports betting comes at a time when women’s sports are gaining significant attention, attracting larger audiences and generating greater interest. This is due in part to the emergence of outstanding talent like Caitlin Clarke and the growing appreciation of women’s sports franchises.

Despite the growing interest in women’s sports betting, it is noted that only 26% of bettors are women, according to the American Gaming Association. However, this percentage is expected to increase as more women become interested in sports and as bookmakers recognize the huge opportunity presented by tapping into the growing female fan base.

Sportsbooks have already taken note of this trend and are investing heavily in marketing campaigns aimed at attracting more female bettors. FanDuel, for example, launched a campaign called “Fantasy Sports for Women” that aims to educate and engage female fans who may not be familiar with the world of fantasy sports. DraftKings has also started offering special promotions and bonuses for women’s basketball games, recognizing that this sport has a strong appeal among female fans.

One highly anticipated game that has already garnered significant attention from bookmakers is LSU’s recent game featuring stars Kaitlin Clark and Angelo Reese, along with renowned coach Kim Mulkey. This game became Monday’s top betting event, surpassing popular professional sports leagues such as the NBA, MLB and NHL. Another highly anticipated game was between the University of Connecticut and the University of Southern California, with star Paige Bookers putting on an impressive performance. This game was ranked as the third biggest betting event of the day for sportsbooks.

Heading into the Women’s Final Four, which will be held from April 7-9th at Capital One Arena in Washington D.C., it looks like there will be plenty of excitement around women’s sports betting. With so many talented players on display over the past few months, it seems likely that more people will be drawn to these games than ever before – including more women who are looking to get involved in betting on their favorite teams.

Overall, it appears that women’s sports betting is on track to become a major force in the industry – not just because there are so many talented athletes playing these games but because they have broadened their appeal beyond just men who traditionally watched these events.

By Samantha Johnson

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