Located in southern Malaysia, Forest City is a luxury complex built by China’s largest developer, Country Garden, at a cost of $100 billion. Spanning four square miles, the estate boasts high-rise residential buildings and a white-sand beach overlooking the Straits of Johor, with views of Singapore’s industrial facilities.

Despite plans for 700,000 residents in the next six years, only 9,000 people currently live on the estate. During my first visit to Forest City in May 2022, the building seemed deserted, with dark windows in hundreds of apartments and few people on the roads or on the beach. This piqued my curiosity to spend the night in one of the vacant apartments.

In March 2022, eight years since its development, I booked a condominium homestay for S$70 ($52) through a property manager. The owner of the unit based in China declined to comment for the story due to privacy concerns. Despite multiple requests, Country Garden did not respond to Business Insider’s inquiries regarding Forest City’s status. Despite grand plans for future development and attracting potential residents, it seems that this luxury complex remains largely unoccupied and raises questions about its future progress.

Forest City is located at an ideal location as it has direct access to Singapore via a causeway bridge and ferry services are available from Johor Bahru city center which is just 45 minutes away by taxi or bus. With this proximity to Singapore’s business hub and Malaysia’s beautiful coastline it was expected that this project would be an attractive option for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle with easy access to both countries.

However, despite these advantages it appears that there are several obstacles that have hindered its success such as lack of public transport infrastructure and security concerns among potential residents. According to local reports some residents have expressed concerns about safety issues within Forest City including thefts and robberies which have been reported on social media platforms.

The current state of occupation leaves many questions unanswered about what exactly is holding back potential residents from moving into this luxurious estate. While some may see it as an attractive option due to its prime location and amenities others may find it too expensive or risky given its current state of occupancy.

Overall it seems that despite all efforts put into building this massive luxury complex there is still much work left to be done before it can achieve its goal of being home to 700 thousand people within six years.

By Samantha Johnson

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