Every weekday, you can receive the latest headlines from our reporters all across the US directly to your inbox. Recently, we lost an extraordinary individual – the oldest man in the world, Venezuelan Juan Vicente Perez, passed away just two months before his 115th birthday. Local officials paid tribute to his optimism for life as he lived through two world wars and the Covid pandemic.

The Guinness Book of Records confirmed Mr. Perez as the oldest living man in the world when he was 112 years and 253 days old on February 4, 2022. Born on May 27, 1909, Mr. Perez attributed his long life to hard work, resting on holidays, going to bed early, keeping watch everyday, loving God and always carrying him in his heart. He was married to Ediofina del Rosario Garcia for 60 years and had a total of 18 great-great-grandchildren.

Mr. Perez became Venezuela’s first male supercentenarian in 2019 when he celebrated his 110th birthday. The governor of Tachira, Fredy Bernal, expressed deep sadness at his passing while President Nicol├ís Maduro acknowledged Mr. Perez’s contribution to Venezuela’s Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest man. The world’s next oldest living man is expected to be Gisaburo Sonobe of Japan, aged 112 pending confirmation by Guinness World Records.

Venezuelan Juan Vicente Perez lived a remarkable life that lasted over a century long. His longevity can be attributed to hard work and dedication towards maintaining good health habits like resting during holidays and going to bed early every night. He also cherished God deeply and carried him in his heart throughout his life.

He was married for six decades and had a family of eleven children with forty-two grandchildren, eighteen great-grandchildren and twelve great-great-grandchildren.

Mr. Perez will always be remembered as an inspiring figure who lived through two world wars and the Covid pandemic with unwavering positivity towards life.

The loss of such an exceptional individual is undoubtedly saddening news that will impact many people around the world who admired him for his incredible journey on earth.

However, we must celebrate his legacy by continuing to live life with passion and love towards others as Mr. Perez did throughout his time on earth.

By Samantha Johnson

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