With ongoing staffing challenges in the tax and accounting profession, firms seeking to attract top rated employees ought to create methods and policies to turn into employers of selection. A single element that contributes to firm culture is technologies. By investing in the ideal technologies, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to excellence and give the essential sources to assistance their employees.

Tronconi Segarra & Associates, a complete service firm in New York State, understands the value of technologies in producing the best operate atmosphere. Lisa Mrkall, a director at the firm, discussed her practical experience making use of CCH Akcess Tak and other CCH technologies to make everyone’s operate at the firm a lot easier.

Even ahead of the pandemic, firm leadership recognized the worth of moving to the cloud. This selection was driven by the reality that the firm has several offices and staff who operate remotely. Moving to the cloud has turn into a top rated priority and technologies initiative for the firm.

Mrkal explains that they are fortunate to have partners who invest a lot in technologies. When they showed the firm the added benefits of the cloud, their partners had been prepared to invest in it. This investment was lucrative and enjoyable, as they saw for themselves the efficiency and enhanced operate solutions that technologies brings to their workplace.

General, Tronconi Segarra & Associates understands the value of investing in technologies to attract and retain top rated employees. By embracing the cloud and other technological advances, they have developed a operate atmosphere that is effective, pleasant and supportive for their staff.

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