The U.S. Mint’s chief information officer recently highlighted several key technology initiatives and programs that are not only changing the landscape, but are proving to be very beneficial to the agency’s IT mission. As America’s primary coin producer, the Mint produced an impressive number of over 12 billion coins in 2019. However, the Mint is also making efforts to create additional markets to improve profitability beyond being the sole coin producer.

Chief Information Officer Francis O’Hearn plays a key role in overseeing the Mint’s IT budget, which is nearly $60 million. Having held various leadership positions in the past, O’Hearn is well equipped and ready to excel in his role at the Mint. Recognizing the importance of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, O’Hearn emphasizes the importance of keeping the human element in the loop. In this way, it ensures that the agency remains grounded and focused on achieving the best possible results for its business.

By Editor