The National Basketball Association (NBA) is currently investigating a potential betting scandal involving basketball betting. Specifically, the league is investigating Raptors forward Jontay Porter after multiple instances of betting irregularities. During a game against the Clippers on Jan. 26, Porter left the game with an eye injury and the underdogs increased for his points, rebounds, assists and three-pointers. Similarly, on March 20, Porter left a game against the Kings with an illness after just three minutes. Once again, the under hit its various props. An unnamed betting source told that people were trying to place bets on Porter’s props during these games.

This situation could be just the beginning of a larger issue that may lead to widespread federal regulation of professional and college sports. With 38 states and the District of Columbia legalizing sports betting, it is critical to maintain the integrity of the games and bets placed. While it can be challenging for a single player to influence the outcome of a bet on the final score of a match, individual players can have a significant impact on their individual props, especially in terms of betting below. This has been seen in other sports as well such as football where players missing games due to injury or illness can have an impact on their team’s performance and ultimately affect their odds in certain prop bets.

The NBA has not yet released any official statement regarding this matter but it is clear that they are taking this investigation seriously and are committed to maintaining the integrity of their sport and protecting their fans from any potential harm caused by gambling activities related to basketball games.

By Samantha Johnson

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