In 2013, the trio of Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Earl Thomas and Cam Chancellor became known as the Legion of Boom, as they were the best secondary in the league for their contribution to Seattle’s first title. Michael Bennett also helped Seattle become the league’s top-ranked defense. But it wasn’t just their skills on the field that made them stand out – they also used their platform to speak out about social justice issues.

When Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice were killed by police in 2014, the group talked about three young black men who were killed at different times despite facing accountability for their actions. This sparked a global conversation about police brutality and led to a team meeting where the group had to choose what to do with their platform.

Bennett emphasized the importance of taking the conversation from the locker room to the people, using their voices as black people to bring justice for the voiceless. He emphasized the importance of amplifying voices and sharing stories that needed to be told. The deaths and viral cases of police brutality continued to spread globally through social media and news outlets, leading to a growing movement for change.

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