Gun violence is a growing public health crisis, according to Hennepin Healthcare workers. In the past year, the hospital has treated over 1,500 victims of gun violence, with healthcare workers bearing the brunt of the impact. Senior Investigative Reporter Jennifer Meierl sheds light on the significant impact of firearms at a Minneapolis hospital.

The effects of gun violence have been compared to those of a pandemic, highlighting the severity of the crisis. The high number of shooting victims treated at Hennepin Healthcare is a clear indication that gun violence is having a devastating effect on the community’s mental and physical well-being.

Healthcare workers are calling for action to resolve this crisis and prevent further harm to themselves and their patients. The burden on healthcare workers is significant, and many have experienced firsthand the consequences of the crisis in their daily work. The impact of gun violence on healthcare workers cannot be underestimated.

The hospital has treated an increasing number of shooting victims seeking medical attention in recent years. This trend highlights the growing need for action to address this public health crisis and ensure that individuals receive access to adequate medical care when needed.

Hennepin Healthcare’s efforts to treat gunshot victims are just one example of how hospitals are dealing with this growing crisis. However, more needs to be done to address this issue and prevent further harm to our communities.

In conclusion, gun violence is becoming an increasingly significant public health crisis that must be addressed urgently. The impact on healthcare workers cannot be ignored, as they bear witness firsthand to its devastating effects every day. We must all work together to find solutions that will help protect our communities from further harm caused by gun violence.

By Samantha Johnson

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