In the world of artificial intelligence, there is a secret army of workers who play a crucial role in the operation of AI systems. These individuals are often hired to train algorithms, but their duties extend far beyond that. They are key players in the development and maintenance of these systems, yet they remain largely unknown to the public.

Recently, The Information shed light on this hidden workforce when they reported that Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, which allows customers to grab items from a store shelf and walk out without having to go through the traditional checkout process, relied on the efforts of over 1,000 people in India. These workers were tasked with watching and marking the videos to ensure the accuracy of the sign-outs.

Amazon describes Just Walk Out as using “computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning” on its website, but it doesn’t mention the involvement of contractors in the process. When asked by Gizmodo, the company explained that workers commented on the videos to improve the system and only intervened in a “small minority” of shopping visits when the AI was unable to determine the correct purchase.

This discovery highlights the often hidden role that human workers play in artificial intelligence systems. While companies may tout the capabilities of their technology, it is essential to recognize

By Samantha Johnson

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